Price Increase


Dear Customers,

First off all, allow me to thank you for being such a loyal and consistent customers over the years. Your satisfaction is very important to us, and we hope we have been successful in providing you with excellent service.

Since we reopened we have faced increased operating costs brought about by COVID-19 and the State restrictions for our business. Additionally our suppliers have increased their cost of the products we use for similar reasons. In the past we have managed to absorb increased costs and, while others around us substantially raised their prices, we kept ours at modest levels.

So, in order to maintain the excellent level of service, continue to use the quality products you have come to expect from us, and support our professional staff so they can support themselves and their families, we are increasing the price of our Classic Cut to $25 effective tomorrow.

The price increase will not apply to our junior customers or to those who supported us while we were closed by purchasing our discounted gift cards. Junior pricing will remain the same and those holding outstanding gift card balances will also be charged the pre-increase price until the current gift card funds are exhausted.

We wish to take this opportunity again to thank you for your understanding, loyalty and continued support for Maxx’s Shaving Room and its staff.

and the Staff at Maxx’s Shaving Room