Joanna and her team have brought back the “Traditional Hot Shave” as a modern concept in a comfortable barbershop setting. MAXx’S Shaving Room is truly a place where a man can call his own.

Joanna Bereda

MAXx’S Shaving Room is privately owned and operated by Joanna Bereda, a licensed Barber/Cosmetologist with over thirty years of experience. She studied in Canada and in the United States where she combines a lifelong passion for the business with professional training and an on-going interest and knowledge in the latest styles, trends and products. Joanna dedicated her love for the business to her father who was a barber for sixty-five years. He taught her the secrets of the trade and the wisdom to keep smiling.

MAXx’S Shaving Room was named after Joanna’s son MAX (pictured above in the header) who has been shaving his head for a few years now to which inspired her to title her business.